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The Founder


Born in India, and nurturing her creativity along with her MSc in Botany, Rekha Sunil has completed courses in Graphic Design and Interior Design and now resides in Dubai with her family for the last 18 years pursuing her dream in creative arts. Throughout her education, she has always nurtured her hobbies and kept her creativity alive in her colors, patters and designs.

Drawing inspiration from places she has travelled to such as the United States, United Kingdom, Africa and even the Far-east, Rekha’s influences are plentiful with a sense of a multitude of cultures. The place that has influenced her art the most has been Florence, the city of her divine inspirations, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

The Combination of her creativity and her well-polished brush stroke showcases her emotion on canvas with moods and nature influencing the strokes of her paintbrush.